Myanmar Facts

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Myanmar Facts & Information

Area : 676,577 sq-km
Capital : Naypyitaw
Former Capital : Yangon ( the main gateway to Myanmar)
Population : 55 million (2008)
Language : The official language is Myanmar and English is widely understood
in big cities.
Religion : 89% Buddhism, 5% Christian, 3% Muslim and the rest are Hinduism
and Animists
Climate : Tropical Monsoon
Seasons : Hot season – March to May
Rainy season – June to October
Cold season – November to February
Average Temperature : Ċ in hot season
Ċ in hot season
Ċ in hot season
Visa : Visas are issued at Myanmar Embassiesor consulate in foreign
countries .Visa on arrival can also be applied on case by case basis.
Airport tax : USD 10 for International Departures.
Currency : Myanmar Local currency is Kyat which comprises 100 pyas.
Notes: : 10000Kyats, 5000Kyats,1000Kyats,500Kyats,200Kyats,100Kyats,90Kyats,50kyats,45Kyats,
Business Hours : 09:30 -04:30 (Government offices)
09:00 – 05:00 ( Private Companies)
10:00- 02:00 ( Banks)
Saturday & Sunday are weekend holiday.
Private firms close on Sunday.
Time difference : 6 1/2 +GMT
Bangkok Time – 30 min
Singapore Time – 1HR
Traveller’s cheques & Credit Cards : Traveller’s cheques are accepted only a few hotels. Visa card are accept some big hotels and souvenir shops.
Customs : 400 Cigarettes, 100 cigars or 1/2 lb of tobaccos, 2 quarts of alcoholic liquer,1 pint bottle of perfume allowed to be imported.
Tipping : Tipping isn’t obligatory but is widely practised.
Airport taxis : A non-metered taxi from Yangon international airport into twon,16 km away, costs US$ 5 and takes 20 minutes . Also non-metered taxi from Mandalay international airport into town, 50 km away, costs US$ 20.Some big hotels
provide airport pickups for booked guests.
Locat transport : Taxis are available for going around.
Hotels & Guest Houses : There are many hotels and guest houses ranging form
charging from US S 5 a night to luxurious 5 – star hotels.
Food & restaurant :

Visa Information

There are two types of Myanmar Visa called EVT(Package) and EVT(FIT) visa.

EVT ( Package )

You can apply Myanmar visa at Myanmar Embassy or consulate with prior arrangements and confirmation from us. We will be providing a confirmation letter to the Embassy for those clients who bought a tour from us. A copy of the letter will be send to you by fax or e-mail. We need full name, passport numbers, nationality and 3 Photos.


This visa can apply at every Myanmar Embassy or consulate by submitting passport and 3 photographs! Visa fee is USD 20. It was necessary to change USD 200 in to equivalent 200 FEC compulsorily till last Sep 2003. Now government relives it. You don’t need to change FEC 200 on arrival at Yangon Airport.